Well, here we go…as we venture further out into God’s mission for Blanchard Alliance Church in Warrenville, it’s time to pull out a camera at home or at work and start snapping shots and telling our stories. I shared my snapshot last Sunday during our morning service. Do you remember? My neighborhood is teaming with families and kids who love to spend time together outside when the weather gets nice. And for whatever reason, a few of my neighbors really like hanging out in their garages or driveways, pulling out the lawn chairs to talk, soak up the sun and enjoy watching all their kids play.


So what does your snapshot look like? As you envision your neighborhood or your workplace, where is God calling you to be his hands, his feet, his Living Presence, this summer? As David Fitch, Pastor of Life on the Vine Church in the Northwest Suburbs shared recently,

What’s one place in my community or neighborhood where I can “go and be” at the same time, on the same day for one or two hours every week?

Is it a McDonald’s or Starbucks? Or your neighbor’s front lawn? Maybe you’ve already been living there for a while but this is the first time you’ve been asked to picture it for the rest of us. So, no matter where you are, if you could capture that place, that issue or that impression in a picture, what would it look like? This coming Sunday evening, we’ll begin that journey together as we share the table and share our stories of how God is stirring us to “go and be”. And bring that snapshot with you–print it out in whatever format you’d like (4×6 would be fine…). I’d like to fill up one of the walls of our sanctuary with our pictures throughout this coming summer. Join us, will you? –

-Jeff Kamphausen, Campus Pastor, Blanchard Alliance Church Warrenville