AnnualMeeting08I spent Thursday and Friday of last week at Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit and thoroughly enjoyed it.  There’s always way too much information to process at once but I thought I’d share a few key life/leadership principles (axioms) that stuck with me…

If you want to go fast, go alone.  I you want to go far, go together.

I tend to go fast by default, most of the time because it’s easier and less complicated as a leader and a pastor.  But if we at Blanchard Alliance Church really are committed to being formed as a people by God’s grace to glorify Him everywhere, we all need to slow down and prioritize the hard work of listening, receiving and learning as we move together.  It’s really about reciprocal persuasion: the two-way street of pulling, pushing, prompting, engaging and encouraging one another to grow as devoted followers of Jesus Christ, no matter where we are or what’s happening in our lives.

meritocracy the best idea affirmed by the team wins

We talk about living out Monday to Saturday what we celebrate on Sunday mornings:  in our neighborhoods, in our families, in our workplaces.  We talk about being the mouth, hands and feet of Christ to the forgotten, the overlooked, the poor and the persecuted in our immediate 2.5 mile radius in Warrenville (and Wheaton).  Okay then, if He is really that important, let’s choose to give some of our best time to make Him shine.  Oh, and by the way, throwing in another great Summit idea, let’s grow a meritocracy along the way, where the best idea of how to accomplish this great task, wins.