So last Sunday during our morning worship service at Blanchard Warrenville, I tried to keep my comments simple (even though it still took me at least five minutes as usual…).  What would I love to see happen in the lives of people connected to Blanchard Alliance Church this fall?

I called us all to make 2 commitments:

#1 — commit to regularly meet with a group of people at Blanchard who can help you to grow as a follower of Jesus and #2 — commit to regularly help someone else grow as a follower of Jesus.

We’re usually pretty good at Commitment #1, although if you’re new to Blanchard, #1 can be pretty hard to accomplish because it’s difficult to connect when you’re just getting to know a church community.  It’s all about clear and simple pathways — something I’m committed to working on as Campus Pastor.  But Commitment #2 can be even harder to pull off because of the time, effort and intention it takes to “disciple” someone else.  And sometimes we don’t because it feels arrogant to assume that we have something to offer someone else.  But don’t be deceived–we all have something to give not because of our charming personalities and impressive gifts but because of who we’re offering–Christ in us, the Hope of Glory.

So whether it’s meeting a newer acquaintance over coffee once a week to talk and pray or becoming a part of a growth group at Blanchard, consider these 2 commitments.  Will you make them with me?