This past Tuesday, Blanchard’s staff got together to help Brad Jones, our Minister of Music,  and the joint Wheaton/Warrenville worship team get ready for the October 25 Beyond Celebration at our Wheaton Campus.  Our job?  To brainstorm as many stories and examples of God dwelling with and using the people of Blanchard Alliance Church to extend His mission in the world over the last three years as we could think of.

An hour later, after peppering poor Brad with a non-stop battery of names, examples and stories, he cried uncle–his hand couldn’t take any more writing.  Together we had filled pages and pages of his legal pad with the color of the Holy Spirit’s presence and power in our midst.  And here’s the best part:  it felt like we were just getting started.

In these days of change at Blanchard, from the development of two campuses to the work of our Catalyst Team,  in the midst of unbelievably challenging economic stress in our world, God is with us, dearly loved men, women and children of Blanchard Alliance Church.  Our lives, convictions and choices declare the glory of Heaven, the presence of Christ spilling out from our jars of clay.  Despite the weight of our own burdens, hurts and fears, we are yet determined to extend the love of Christ, in word and deed, alone and in community, to our world.  This is God’s Church on mission.

May our hands never stop writing His stories and our pens never run dry.