We didn’t have a baptistry for Blanchard Warrenville last year (although we might have attempted a dip in the detention pond out back…), so we decided to buy a portable hot tub to see if it would get the job done for our Easter services.  Although my wife mentioned that I looked far too comfortable as I waited in the perfectly-warmed water for each person to share their story of choosing to become a follower of Jesus before I baptized them, our $800 tub did the job just fine for Easter (at least I didn’t turn the bubbles on during the service…).

Well, our diminutive little tub is getting a reputation in the community.  Despite this rather unconventional approach to baptism, two other churches have asked to borrow it for their own baptism services over the last several months.  I’m not sure how the word has gotten out but this is one risk (albeit minor, in the scope of things…) I’m glad we decided to take.

As Campus Pastor, I’ve been challenged over and over to consider what it means to partner with Christians across denominational lines, across our cities and county, to share our resources, our gifts and our people to tell the story of Jesus–with our mouths and with our lives.  As a new friend recently challenged me with this question,

“How many churches are there in DuPage County?”

The answer? 


Then sharing our hot tub is the least we can do.

As we continue to forge our partnership with Arbol de Vida at Blanchard Warrenville, I already have a profound sense of the gifts and resources that God is blessing us with through the lives of our Latino brothers and sisters in Christ.  As we equip each other for works of service, with our unique cultural and ethnic perspectives, God’s Church will grow and His Kingdom will be further established.

So as you think about the one Church in DuPage County, and the opportunities for real partnership and shared resources to strengthen her, how would you complete this question?

Knowing there is one Church in DuPage County, wouldn’t it be great if…

I invite you to fill in your answer(s) as a comment to this post.  Keep the conversation going…