I’ll never forget the first time I walked into Khmer Evangelical Church’s little book shop at our mission office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in the fall of ’02.  In the twelve years since the country’s independence and the rebuilding of the Church after the “Killing Fields”, the three or four small bookcases in that 8×12 room shelved a significant majority of reliable Christian books and printed resources in the Khmer language.  That was it–one 8×12 room–and most of those resources were translated into Khmer from English.

That’s why as we approach Easter this year, I feel like the proverbial beggar at the banquet table here in North America–feeding richly on the readily available story of Christ’s triumph through written and spoken word, in song and on the web.  Many, many national churches around the world would be in awe of the sheer volume of resources the English-speaking Church has at its disposal.

So out of our wealth, let me share from the abundance of my table this week.

  • Spend time in the book of Colossians or Philippians.  Write down all the ways you can celebrate Christ’s love and sacrifice for you.
  • Read anything by Ajith Fernando.  I’ve been challenged and blessed by  The Call to Joy and Pain.
  • Stream or download Andrew Peterson’s beautiful Easter CD, “The Resurrection Letters, Vol. 2”.
  • Watch online video clips of Matt Chandler, lead pastor of The Village Church, pressing on and preaching his heart out as he battles through treatment for brain cancer at 35.
  • Interact with the blogs, music and art from a whole host of incredible Christian artists at The Rabbit Room or read David Fitch’s latest blog posts.

So what’s on your table this week? I encourage you to share it as a comment so that others can join the feast, too.