So we finally got a puppy.  We left a lot of things in Cambodia, including our dearly-loved German Shepherd pup, T-Bone, and we’ve been hoping to fill that empty four-legged space in our family for a while now.   It’s hard to characterize deep, soul-flooding joy until you see it on your daughters’ faces… “Do we really get to keep her?  We don’t ever have to take her back to the shelter?  Never ever?”

And so the adventure begins and Penny’s already breaking hearts all over the neighborhood.  Our sweet little yellow lab pup with those beautiful copper eyes is an unstoppable force of community building.  I love that about her already–on top of all those sticky wet dog kisses on my chin, cheek, ear, nose and forehead.

Ever since we’ve moved into our house two years ago, I’ve spoken publicly at Blanchard about my intention to regularly walk my neighborhood and pray, inviting God’s Spirit to open my eyes to the Kingdom He’s building there, to the people’s He’s empowering me to live out Christ’s love with.

Haven’t done it yet.

So now’s the time and Penny’s proving her worth by opening wide a huge door of opportunity.

A little dog walking every day, a few good conversations with neighbors and a lot of good praying in between…

…along with an honest sense of desperation for God to reign and rule in me and my neighbors’ lives.  For His Kingdom and His will to be done, on earth in my neighborhood as it is in heaven.

Do any of you regularly walk and pray?  How has God been using that in your life and neighborhood?  What are you learning along the way?

Never tried prayer walking?  Check out this link to get started…