Laughter is so good for a family!

Last Saturday night at Blanchard Warrenville, we kicked off our inaugural Family Night of Talent and I don’t know why we waited so long to do it.  Without the Sauls leading the charge for families to get together, we never would have enjoyed Curt and Dana Anliker (and those great boys!) teaming up to play a perfectly silly Julia Child in the middle of the taping of a very unpredictable cooking show.  We’d have missed out on Larry Griffith’s unique portrayal of the “Politically Incorrect Nursery Rhyme Singer”, let alone Henry’s amazing board-busting karate chop or the Giddings awesome fencing skills.  As we shared a delicious array of family-style food, as we sang and enjoyed good conversation around our tables, God grew His church at Blanchard Warrenville last Saturday night.

It’s been a while since we’ve gathered this way at Warrenville and I’ve missed it.

These shared experiences, be it town halls meetings, potlucks, talent shows or community prayer services, serve to deepen our bonds of friendship, family and community in the name of Jesus Christ.  Luke tells us that the Early Church gathered often to break bread, sing and pray–and to care for the hurting in their family along the way.

I’ve had so many conversations with you over the last several years which speak of this common longing as well.

So what’s next?  Any ideas?