I can’t handle too many choices.  It all gets overwhelming very quickly.  So as Campus Pastor at Blanchard Warrenville, a leader at Blanchard Alliance Church and a regular follower of Jesus, I’ve been challenged to step up and lead plainly and clearly–to tell you what I’m hearing God say to me as one of our leaders and articulate the divine discontent driving me to want more and more of God’s Kingdom established in my home, in my neighborhood, in my church family and my world.

So here goes…two challenges, one for every week this summer and one other task to complete anytime this summer.  1 and 1.

1 — hitting the sidewalks in your neighborhood to walk and pray–once a week, every week this summer (and bring the kids and the puppy, if you have them…)

It all starts with prayer.  I don’t pray enough.  Bottom line.  Not because I think it makes me a better Christian or it scores me more points in heaven.  But because when I pray and talk with my Father, I’m reminded of His love and affection for me and remember the heart of gospel of His Son, Jesus–for God so loved the world (and me!) that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will never die but have eternal life. And when I pray on site throughout my neighborhood, God stirs my heart to long to see His Kingdom come right where I live.  Prayer walking is powerful and effective.  My conversations with God while I’m walking in my neighborhood remind me that God’s Kingdom was made to grow–it’s not big enough yet because so many of my neighbors haven’t accepted their Father’s grand invitation to the banquet.  And I’m not shy in saying I want to be a part of inviting them to come.  That’s the first 1.

Now here’s the second 1…

And 1 — sometime before August 22, initiate a relationship with one individual, couple or family at Blanchard Warrenville that you don’t know

Family matters.  God has given us our local church relationships to help us grow up into Christ.  I’m better because of the cumulative gifts present by God’s Spirit in God’s people at Blanchard Warrenville.  I expect you to equip me and my job is to equip you — with the intent of becoming mature, to the full measure of the fullness of Christ.  I for one will not be satisfied with relationships at church that assume a warm greeting on Sunday morning is enough to fill my spiritual tank up for the rest of the week. (It’s not–there’s a lot more to filling the tank, isn’t there?)  But I’m not shy in saying I want more.  Now, I understand that it’s part of my full-time job to be an initiator and a shepherd, someone with the calling, training and time to reach out to newer or less familiar faces in our church.  I really like that part of my life as Campus Pastor–honest! So you’ll expect me to do my fair share and that’s right and good.  But I need your help to initiate intentional, loving relationships, too.  Just imagine if every one of us reaches out to one other person, couple or family this summer.  We’ll definitely know our family a lot better and build our capacity in Christ to love those neighbors, too.

Now, there’s more 1’s for sure–but that’s for another post.  Let’s start here and see what happens.

So what do you think?  What’s your 1 and 1?