At my house, we each have different roles or duties we fulfill on a regular basis.  Maybe your family is similar.  I (Karyn) keep track of the bills, Jeff takes care of car maintenance and I usually do the laundry.  The home computer is another area that belongs almost exclusively to Jeff at our house.  Because he loves technology and is always aware of the latest gadget or website, I really haven’t been.  I’ve been satisfied to just send e-mails and occasionally am pleased with myself when I manage to somehow get the photos from my camera to the computer to Walgreeens and they end up being printed.  All that is to say that this “blogging” stuff stretches my computing abilities.  Before his surgery, Jeff showed me how to enter a new post, gave me his password and asked me to continue updating everyone through this blog.  So this is my first attempt at it.

Today marks one week since our journey with Jeff’s brain tumor began. The surgery went well on Thursday even though it was a little longer than we expected.  With the tumor completely removed, Jeff can concentrate on getting well now.  As you can imagine, he has a terrible headache.  Even so, his sense of humor is still there.  When I asked how he was feeling…he said, “miserable, absolutely miserable.”  So you can definitely be praying that his pain would lessen and eventually disappear. We’re certain his road to recovery will have lots of twists and turns along the way, but we thank you for traveling with us.   We want you to know we are thankful for you and all that you have done for our family.  We appreciate you loving our girls through the week of VBS and taking on roles that Jeff and I were supposed to fulfill at the missions station and as small group leaders.  We thank you for the many meals prepared by you all that we have already eaten.  And we thank you for taking our crazy, energetic new puppy for walks.  Most of all, we thank you for your prayers.  We declare that we serve a risen King that has the power to heal.  I (Karyn) will try to keep you updated regularly and pledge to use technology to the best of my ability (at least for a little while until Jeff can take it over again).

with love and blessings on you all,