So…I’m new to this blogging thing and I can’t decide how much detail to share with all of you.  Not because I don’t want you to know the full story, but because I don’t want you to experience the same roller coaster of emotions that I’ve been on, especially in the last two days.  We know good stories have twists and turns but I’d like your ride to be a little less crazy than mine. So I have a short summary for you of God’s goodness and mercy.  If you know me (Karyn), you know I like to tell a good story so please feel free to ask me more details about this coaster ride later on.

Spending all day with Jeff on Saturday, left me feeling encouraged.  He had short periods of being awake and we even spoke Cambodian together.  That may seem silly to some of you but speaking Cambodian gave me assurance that “my”  Jeff was still inside there, even though they had removed part of his brain.  Jeff also wiggled the toes on his left leg which he had not been able to do since the surgery.  Saturday was a good day.

Sunday morning Jeff and I talked for the first time about his left arm not moving and that despite him wanting to walk around the hallways a bit, that wouldn’t be physically possible for him.  Full of emotion, I left the hospital early that day and went to a friend’s house.  Through tears, good conversation, prayer and even some laughter, I had a renewed sense of hope.  During our difficult conversation, I shared with Jeff that I don’t know how all this is going to turn out…but I know God is walking with us through it.  With that in mind, I returned home to my sweet girls and spent time talking with them about their Daddy, explaining his recovery was going to take longer than we originally expected.  I felt depleted and helpless.

Then around 5pm a call came from Jeff’s mom at the hospital.  She and Dad were visiting Jeff when the neurosurgeon arrived and performed an assessment.  The surgeon asked Jeff to lift his left arm and HE DID!  He even shook the doctor’s hand with his left hand!  Praise be to our Great God who can do the unexpected at any moment he chooses.  Thanks for asking for God’s mercy with us.