The night before Jeff’s surgery, a hospital worker came to the room with a wheel chair to take Jeff to get an MRI.  She invited me to walk with them, so I did.  We chatted along the way and she shared about her job and family.  From appearances, she looked like she might be Asian.  So I asked her where her family originally came from.  She responded by saying that she came from Southeast Asia but that it was a small county I probably had never heard of called Cambodia.  CAMBODIA!  (For those of you who are new to our lives, you might not know that we were international workers in Cambodia for four years).  Jeff instantly started speaking Cambodian with this precious lady and I thought she was going to faint.  She just could not believe that we could speak her language.  We dropped Jeff off for his MRI and then she walked me to the door of the parking garage.  With each hospital worker that we passed, she would declare to them, “she speaks my language.”  I’m thankful for God’s gift to us that night of a Cambodian lady wheeling Jeff to his MRI.  As I reflect on those few moments, it reminds me that the God who created the universe also is our God who knows Jeff intimately.  He knows Jeff’s past in Cambodia, he knows Jeff has had this brain tumor and he knows what tomorrow brings  for Jeff too.  This dear Cambodian woman was filled with joy because we spoke her native language and communicated with her heart.  I am thankful to worship the Uncreated God who knows Jeff so well that he arranged for a perfect stranger to communicate his love to our hearts in a desperate moment.

Jeff was moved out of ICU last night and continues to make small steps of progress.  Thanks for praying to the God who loves us enough to create divine moments of reassurance and joy by speaking our heart language.