“My heart is so full” was Jeff’s response when he saw his three girls for the first time since his surgery.  We all looked at the 37 staples in his head with amazement together as the girls shared stories with Jeff about our puppy, Penny, and her recent adventures.  Following the visit, our five year old shared she thought the staples made a perfect, sideways letter “C”.  (I think she’s right).  And we all agreed that he looked pretty good with a closely shaved hair cut.

The next day Jeff told me again…”My heart is so full.”  This time his comment followed meeting an employee from a local Franciscan rehabilitation center.  The man introduced himself and said, “The first thing I want to tell you is that God is with you.”  We are thankful to report that Jeff was discharged from the hospital yesterday and begins his rehabilitation today.  He’s glad to wear shorts and t-shirts again and looks forward to the challenges ahead that will help restore him to good health.

“My heart is so full too” because of the way you have cared for my family this week.  Thank you for your cards, gifts, phone calls, visits and prayers.  With these full hearts, Jeff and I praise God for the progress he has made in one full week and the healing we’ve already experienced.  I hope God gives you a full heart today too.