Sometimes at night we play a game with our girls before bedtime.  Each person has to name three things they are thankful for that day.  Our little game helps us to keep our lives in perspective and to acknowledge God’s goodness.  Every few days since Jeff’s seizure, I’ve been trying to write down a few things that I am thankful for.  I thought I would share some of them with you.

I am thankful Jeff was not driving or alone when he had his seizure.  I’m thankful he was no longer holding the baby he had just dedicated moments before the seizure.  I’m thankful for our friend Rick, a retried firefighter, who was playing on the worship team and immediately jumped into emergency response mode and knew what to do when the seizure occurred.  I’m thankful for a stranger/visitor to church that had medical training and took Jeff’s pulse and made certain he was breathing.  I’m thankful for my friend Allie and a few other ladies for taking my older girls out of the sanctuary and talking with them and comforting them while the paramedics tended to their dad.  I’m thankful for our friend, Dale, comforting me as I watched my husband regain consciousness and awareness of what was happening.  I’m thankful for a 911 system in our country that can get us medical help so quickly.  I’m thankful for sweet Kim driving to Wheaton to let our lead pastor know what was happening.  I’m thankful for two congregations immediately stopping their worship and pleading with God for healing on Jeff’s behalf. I’m thankful for friends like Brian and Mary Ellen that instantly showed up in the ER when they heard the news about Jeff.  I’m thankful for a sensitive ER doc that explained the seizure was due to a mass in Jeff’s brain.  I’m thankful for friends like Sally and Lynette coming to the hospital just to make sure I was doing ok.  I’m thankful for parents that ended their vacation and came to me and the girls as quickly as they could.  I’m thankful for in-laws that sat with me waiting for hours during the surgery to remove the tumor.  I’m thankful for an inter-operative MRI that can take pictures right in the operating room and let the doctors know they needed to go back in and remove more of the tumor that was still there.  I’m thankful for health insurance that the church pays for each month on our behalf.  I’m thankful for so many volunteers loving my girls through a week of VBS.  I’m thankful for an endless supply of meals.  I’m thankful for our neighbor mowing our lawn.  I’m thankful for our best friends coming to visit and take care of us. I’m thankful for our friend, colleague and pastor that takes time to visit and telephone us regularly.  I’m thankful for our friend Ryan making a phone call to help get Jeff into Marian Joy.  I’m thankful for the amazing therapists at Marian Joy that are challenging Jeff to work hard daily.  I’m thankful for the cards, e-mails and notes left on facebook.  I’m thankful for friends praying all over the world.  I’m thankful that Jeff has another day of breath and life.

I already named far more than my “three” for you.  I hope my list helps you to reflect on things that you are thankful for tonight.  Before you crawl into bed, maybe you could share three things on your thankful list with someone else.