I’m going to start a new blog series–a little pastoral encouragement for my  ‘little flock” whose knees might  be knocking a little bit after all the excitement my medical crisis has the potential to kick-start (but I’m praying we all stay nice and steady…).  So I hope these next few posts strengthen our backs and remind us once again about all the things we still trust to be true about Jesus Christ–our yesterday, today and forever who never changes. I’ve told quite a few visitors over the last several days that I’m not sure what God might be teaching me through my recent brain surgery…

Well, clearly, I have a whole BOATLOAD to learn about real life compassion–just the way I’ve been treated and LOVED by therapists and staff and my great Church family here at Marianjoy has been such a blessing-…such eager service with beautifully plainspoken intent to truly love and be fully present with the needy people like me who are right in front of them.  That’s what Jesus wants more than anything for His Kingdom Come.

One of those “special moments of “God’s Immanence” happened for me personally when  dear friends from Blanchard Warrenville thoughtfully remembered to bring the communion elements from Communion last Sunday from church to me here at the hospital.   Now, I’ve led Communion services about a bazillion times at Warrenville, so as Bob led our little impromptu communion service  here in my hospital room he read from Lk.22:15 ( I never use this text…but, boy,  did God have something clearly to communicate with me for such a time as this …reading the words of Jesus before the Last Supper with his precious disciples…Jesus said, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer, for I tell you will not again until it finds fulfillment in the kingdom of God.  “eagerly desired” to be with you, Jesus said…What a rich reminder of my Savior’s eager, unfailing love for me–just as I am –now that’s “Immanence,– God’s Real Presence (As C.S. Lewis would say…)

I have truly felt God’s eagerness to be with me in my  recent brain tumor diagnosis–would never have picked it as a way “to spend time together”… but here We are…

And, so, my challenge for today is to RECEIVE God’s rich Presence in my life in the little things every day to feel God’s pressing in on the mundane, daily activities of my new life in rehab:

O.K,GOD, WELCOME!  I receive Your PRESENCE in my life and I will learn from You for such a time as this –HELP ME BE A GOOD STUDENT, Jesus, remembering these weighty lessons for the rest of the days you choose to bless me with Your presence in the little things

So, Blanchard Warrenville, may Jesus  be Immanently close to each one of You in these challenging days.  Be eager to be the Immanence of Jesus to the people in need who are right in front of you… (like you all have so generously been to Karyn and me and Maggie and Anna and Ellie–


The Lord  Jesus bless you and keep you, and make His face to shine on you.  And give You peace…