I saw a beautiful thing last Sunday during Communion.

During our monthly Communion celebrations, we take the time to invite key Children’s Ministries volunteers to receive kids who aren’t quite ready to take Communion yet and pray a blessing over them, first addressing them by name and then, praying  a blessing on them (usually based on Scriptural promise…)

So there Rachel was…right in the midst of that holy, solemn Communion procession…as I kept my eyes on the cup trays (which always run out and need at least one refill…), freshly blessed by one of our gifted children’s ministries shepherds, walking behind me and the elements at the table, face simply aglow with pure joy.

It’s remarkable to observe the power of God’s Word prayed over a child.

As Karyn and I got ready for the day yesterday, she shared with me what my daughter Ellie had told her after another children’s leadership team member prayed a blessing on her.  Karyn asked, “What did Mrs. C. say to you during your blessing?”  Ellie whispered back to Karyn, simply, “I don’t know,  but it was good stuff.”

Good stuff.

It’s happening more and more around our Children’s Ministries at Warrenville…

Here’s another good story heard about a little boy who didn’t want to miss “Kids’ Exploration”, our Sunday morning class from 9:30-10:30 because he didn’t want to miss out on being a part of Mr. Rick’s worship time.  These stories of God at work in our kids makes me joyful  to know our kids are happy, learning to be a part of a caring, compassionate, “God’s Story-centered”, community.  That’s good stuff, too.

As we look forward to our Family Fall Festival & Chili Cook-off on Aug. 23 at Blanchard Warrenville as well as welcoming Laura Elliot, our new  Children’s and Family Ministries Director at Blanchard this coming Sunday during our worship time, what other “good stuff” does God have in store for us?

And are we ready to receive it, grow and learn from it?