I’ve had a rich day in God’s Word today. “He’s a pastor!”, you say–isn’t it always supposed to be like that?  “That’s what you get paid to do, right?”

Well, unfortunately,  that isn’t always true of me…

So my day started off at 7am sitting down at Dale Showalter’s comfy new home in Warrenville with Todd Oakley and  Tim Johnson, listening to God together in preparation for Tim’s sermon he’ll share with us in Blanchard Warrenville on Nov. 14.  We read and talked about what God was saying to us about a pretty tough passage, Luke 13:1-8.

Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to how the message comes together in a couple of weeks.

Then, after that meeting, I drove out west to have a one-on-one meeting with a good friend I’ve  been helping to grow in confidence in his walk with Christ and studied a chapter called God’s Word–filled with verse after verse affirming the richness found for anyone who will just crack a Bible and marinate in it for a little while.  In the middle of the chapter, we had to fill in a graph which contrasts two key categories from Psalm 19:7-8: “What God’s Word Is”  with “What God’s Word Does”.

Here’s how it breaks down:

According to these lovely verses:  God’s Word is and does…

“right” and “revives the soul”

“trustworthy” and “makes us wise”

“right” and “gives joy to the heart”

“radiant” and “gives light to the eyes”

I have experienced the strength which God’s Word brings in the midst of temptation and anxiety-causing events (like cancerous brain tumors)–I have a profound peace and hope that simply cannot be explained away by the wisdom of this world.

As if this weren’t enough for one day,I then spent my lunch hour at MOSAIC, a consortium of Christian leaders in DuPage County,  who are inspired by the future picture of the Church cast by John in Revelation Chapter 7,  when every tribe, tongue, nation and people will stand around God’s throne in worship saying, “Salvation belongs to our God, who sits upon the throne and unto the Lamb, praise and glory, wisdom and thanks, honor and power and strength.” We’d like to get some practice today in the Church, before we all get there someday.  While I know a multi-ethnic church has its pitfalls and challenges, I still deeply believe it’s worth fighting for.

Do you know that we have 130 distinct languages represented in District 200 schools?

Sounds like opportunity knocking to me...

And all this in one rich day in God’s Word.

I’d take a few more of these during this first full week of work back at full-time here at Blanchard.

I’ve quoted these lyrics in a message at Blanchard before (maybe my blog should just be about thoughts triggered  by song lyrics?) by Charlie Peacock called “Genius in the Details”

“You can smell the poetry,

You can eat the Word,

Dine on the rhyme,

But I wouldn’t read between the lines,

There simply isn’t time,

Instead, look at all the Bread floating on the water

Hurry, cast your net, eat without regret.”

Like Jesus once said, “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Mt. 4:4)

I’ve had some great meals today. So how has God’s Word been feeding you lately?