We’ve had some good laughs in the car lately–mainly over some new CD’s we’ve been listening to.  Ever heard of “Seeds Family Worship”?  It’s a new music ministry out of Nashville with the intent of helping kids learn Scripture through contemporary worship.  As Dana Anliker introduced Karyn to it, she said “Karyn, this isn’t “Wee Sings”, I’ll tell you that.  Meaning that other attempts to accomplish the task of helping families memorize Scripture through music end up with cheesy, keyboard-driven melodies that can be like an ice-pick applied delicately–yet repeatedly— to one’s eardrum.  Seeds Family Worship is definitely not Wee Sings.

But back to the “Pizza Guy”.

So we were in the van, on the way home from Anna’s last soccer game of the season, listening and talking about the catchy song “Do Not Be Anxious” based on Philippians 4:6-7 from the “Seeds of Courage” album.  The actual verse says…

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and mind in Christ Jesus.. (NIV)

Anna laughed and said, “Oh, I get it now, I thought that song was talking about a pizza guy NOT the “the peace of God.”  We laughed together and agreed that the melody does make it sound like Paul was talking about the local Papa John’s delivery dude right there in downtown Philippi.

Last Christmas, me and my girls memorized Luke 2:1-18 together to surprise my Dad when he traditionally reads it during our yearly Kamphausen family Christmas celebration.  I must say, our shared experience was rich and meaningful.  I’m so glad we took the time at breakfast and/or dinner to chip away at it (even before Thanksgiving!)to finish during Advent.

As a matter of fact,  I’m encouraging all of you with kids to memorize the story of Jesus’ arrival from Luke 2:1-18 during this coming Advent (which starts Nov. 28).  As you listen to God together, I’encourage you to reflect on the new ways God reveals Himself to you in the middle of rehearsing this beautiful story, again and again and again…

Then tell the story(as a comment to this blog, if you like) to your family, your church, your friends as a way of reconnecting them with the real Truth of Advent–how life has never been the same again since Jesus came all the way from heaven to save us.

In the mean time, remember to check out the “Seeds Family Worship” website.  All their CD’s come in a 2-pack right now (one to keep, one to give away to another family/friend).  There are five albums available (with a 6th on its way this month…)  Join lots of families at Blanchard Warrenville who are listening as they drive in their vans, too…

And may “the pizza guy” be with you as you meditate on Jesus’ birth story anew this season!