That’s what my latest visit with my neurologist (and, most importantly, my healing Heavenly Father) has given me.

Two more seasons of peace and health…

Two more seasons to watch my beautiful girls grow up–and my garden bloom into life again this coming spring.

Two more seasons to scratch my puppy’s velvety-soft copper ears.

Two more seasons to play the Tangled Wii game with my silly girls.

Two more seasons to spend with my lovely, inspiring wife.

Two more seasons to savor every cup of I Have a Bean coffee.

Two more seasons to relish teaching and training other teachers through Jesus Driven Ministry by Ajith Fernando at Blanchard Warrenville on Sunday mornings.

Two more seasons to challenge and coach my team of small group leaders at Blanchard Warrenville

Two more seasons to reflect on and listen to Christ, my hope of glory.

Two more seasons of life on this good earth.

Two more seasons to turn the ripe old age of 40.

Who knew having my neurologist unexpectedly recommend moving my three-month MRI check-ups to six months would be so encouraging?  Thanks, friends, for all your prayers during my recovery?  I can’t even say I have a hole in my head anymore–the latest MRI shows my brain, squeezed out of place for so long by the tumor has beautiful re-taken its rightful place.  But for a little wedge re-section–you’d hardly know that I’ve had surgery.

All that to say–I’ve been sleeping so much better lately–feel like I’m actually breathing again, too.  I’m obviously not out of the woods yet, but things could be a lot worse than they currently are, couldn’t they?  Let’s continue to pray that six months becomes a year, then two years, then ten…

All praise and glory to God for his kindness to me and my family!