We upset a whole bunch of Canada Geese last Saturday at Blanchard Warrenville during our work day.  I don’t know if anyone noticed them but my Mom–I certainly didn’t–I was just thinking about spreading mulch and pulling those Jurassic-Park-sized weeds from our flowerbeds.

Then, once she told me, that’s all I could hear for the next several minutes.  I stopped and looked around.  Those poor geese were squawking and doing fly-bys from every corner of our campus–crying from the lawn and rooftops that human intruders were invading their space all over campus. Now, I don’t think Mom has a unique relationship with geese, nor does she really care for the mess they make every spring around our homes and churches in Chicago.  They’re rather nasty creatures, frankly.

But she noticed their distress and made me aware of it.

We need more and more people like my mom at Blanchard Alliance Church–people whose discerning “spiritual tuning forks” resonate with God’s powerful presence all around us– the quiet, unnoticed, and yes, often irritating movement of God around us.  It’s a bit risky and irreverent to compare the presence of the Holy Spirit to a bunch of pesky, poopy, irritating Canada Geese–but think about this with me for a moment today before you write me off.

If the Holy Spirit is the most humble member of the Trinity, how are we mule-headedly missing His quiet-yet-insistent work all around the ordinary activity of our everyday lives as members of God’s family, as moms and dads, as students, as kids?

Do we intentionally give pause to listen to God’s voice and notice, like those squawky, anxious geese, the people in distress in our community who need our help?  And, in that moment of realization, will we act in the name of Christ to be his living hands and feet?

I certainly wouldn’t die for those crazy, hyper-protective geese. 

But would I die for God’s people in distress all around me in my church?

We have people at Blanchard who listen and live like this all the time and would rather no one take notice or give them credit…

  • caring for refugees
  • providing homes for the homeless
  • adopting the parentless
  • delivering fresh-baked bread to welcome a new neighbor
  • feeding the poor
  • visiting the sick
  • giving up what they want for serve someone else who’s lost hope

These sweet servants are busy on the King’s business and could care less what I think.  But, like these committed, intensely compassionate God-listeners among us at Blanchard, will I choose to take notice–to stop and listen to His pressing, persistent call to be His shepherds, His healing presence for the extension of the borders of His good Kingdom?  

Thanks, Mom, for noticing those goofy geese last Saturday…

And reminding me of our missional God aflame to reignite His Church, attuned to His Spirit’s voice, sending me to be the living Gospel to hurting, lost people all around me–to listen and be a part of completing His inspiring rescue mission to our distressed world.

Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends. (NLT)

Who’s hurting around you?  Stop.  Listen closely and–led by God’s Spirit–go help them.